- Monte Sella -


Species of vine: Garganega 100%
Vineyards: Situated in the upper part of “Monte Sella”, one of the hills surrounding Brognoligo, exposed to the sun, supported by Verona style pergola vine trellises.
Production process: The Monte Sella grapes, previously selected, are the last to be picked up. Some of them are then placed in boxes where they stay until slightly withered, the others undergo cryomaceration. In both case grapes are soft pressed, then the must is cooled and left to clear. Fermentation takes place on selected yeasts, at a low temperature in oak casks until the following year. The wine is only completely ready after at least three months after bottling,.
Wine qualities :
Bouquet: Fine and delicate with notes of white flowers (lily, acacia) with aroma of citrus,fruits,vanilla,macaroon;
Flavour: warm,soft, dry and expecially lasting .
Alcoholic content: 13,5 % vol.
Serving suggestions: To be served at a temperature of 10-12°C. Ideally it goes well with the dishes of fish and vegetables, soups, white meat and soft cheese.



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